Ney Someta Reports for BBC

While at the Access Academy, Ney Someta contributed to the BBC:

Bangladesh, like Cambodia before it, is becoming a major new drug transit route from Asia into the west.

Cambodian teenager Ney Someta, who is studying in Chittagong, Bangladesh, talks about how she decided to look deeper into Bangladesh’s problem after becoming tempted by drugs herself .

Meta’s blog:


Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope
By K. Mahilini

K. Mahilini is a member of the Access Academy’s Community Service club, she directed this documentary to explore the people and the work that is done to serve the needs of the community in Chittagong Bangladesh.

Behind the Screen: BlogShop

Here is a glimpse behind the computer screen to see and hear the young women discuss what they’ve learned from the BlogShop capacity building course.

For more information:

How to Blog

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

The above proverb reminds us that it is only through education where we can instill lifelong empowerment. With that in mind, the BlogShoppers have created their own “How-to” videos about blogging!
Watch, learn and enjoy!

Introduction to Blogging: Blogalization

Blogging: How to Get Started

Blogging: Keep on Goin’

For more information about the Access Academy’s BlogShop capacity building course: AUW BlogShop Students

Small Stories

Students re-write short stories and novels into “small stories” so that even those who are one-inch tall may enjoy them!

Lord of the Flies Journals

Class “Romeo” and class “Juliet” have been given the conch to tell the stories from a first-person perspective and to offer insight into their literary analysis of the experience and present a look into the life of the boys from William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

We hope you’ll enjoy their version of the events on the island from the “Queens of the Flies”
Click: The Conch.

Hamlet Photo Essays

Access Academy literature students re-enact and interpret William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Hamlet as photo essays. The students chose the scenes they wanted to depict and was awarded extra points for using Shakespearean English in their narratives. Check out the modern-day, south Asian interpretations!
Download the PowerPoint presentations below (right-click, ‘Save As’):

Act I, Scene 2 and 3 (By NG and ZK)

Act II, Scene 2 and 3 (By KA and RT)

Act III, Scene 1 (By LR and AC)

Act III, Scene 4 (By RK and DG)